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Welcome to the official Infinity RE Wholesale Buyers webpage! It does not matter if you are a new or seasoned investor, finding a good deal is the first and most important step to becoming a successful Real Estate Investor.

Strangely enough, even though we keep hearing about the downturn in the market (which should make good Real Estate deals easier to find) we have noticed that in the Denver Metro area, good Real Estate deals have actually become increasingly harder to find. As seasoned investors who have been working the Denver market and have found it harder this past year to find good deals ourselves, we decided to increase our marketing efforts and systems extensively to bring in more deals on a consistent basis.

The problem is, we can not do all the deals we find ourselves. That is why we have decided to start wholesaling some of our inventory to other investors. We are not new investors trying to make a quick buck wholesaling, we are experienced investors that have full knowledge of what it takes to rehab a property, sell a property and/or rent a property and make money doing it.

If you are wondering what Real Estate wholesale deals are, they are properties that we get under contract at a significant discount and pass that discount on to other investors who may be interested in purchasing that property to rehab or rent out.

If you are interested in joining our wholesale buyers list, to the right you will see a form to enter your information. Even if you are a newer investor or not looking to purchase any properties right now, go ahead enter your information because we will periodically be sending out Real Estate Investment tips, market information and other resources that can help you grow or expand your Real Estate Investment business.

Join our Wholesale Buyers List to receive notification on wholesale properties that become available and additional Real Estate Investment tips and information.

If you have the ability to pay cash and close quickly, and would like to be on our VIP Wholesale List and be notified as soon as properties become available that fit your buying criteria, please click here. Otherwise fill out the form below.

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